Our business is based on long and versatile experience in providing energy efficient solutions for various industries. Our expertise in engineering, project management, manufacturing and logistics ensures high quality and trouble free solutions for our customers.



Petri Vuori


After graduating as an Engineer, Petri has gained over ten years of diverse experience from site management, project leading and logistics positions.

Vesa Tamminen

Senior Advisor

After getting a Master of Science (Engineering) degree Vesa worked for over ten years in various technical and management positions at Wärtsilä and Kone. The next 25 years he served as Managing Director in several Finnish SMEs, the last six years specializing in industrial cooling and heating solutions. In addition to business management, Vesa is particularly experienced in project business and international trade.


Markku Lampola

Technical Manager

Markku is responsible for hardware and system planning as well as project management. After graduating HVAC Engineer Markku has worked for almost 30 years among heating and cooling technology solutions. He has a broad experience from management positions in both engineering and production.

Antti Porkka

Sales Manager

Antti is responsible for sales in the southern parts of Finland. Antti is specialized in waste heat recovery from datacenters and utilizing of this heat as a source of district heating. He has a Master of Science (Energy Technology) degree and many years of experience in heating solutions.


Katri Parovuori

Sales Manager

Katri’s background is mainly in plastics industry, where she has made an extensive career in R&D, product and new business development. Katri has a degree in chemical engineering (Lic.Techn.).

Sami Rahkola

Sales Manager

Sami is specialized in heat pumps and heatings systems. He has also strong experience in different kinds of construction projects and maintenance both in real estate and with machinery.


Antti Ahlqvist

Technology Manager

Antti has a M.Sc. degree in Energy technology, majoring in thermodynamics. He has done an extensive professional career with heat pumps and industrial chilling solutions. In addition to his responsibilities as a designer, Antti works as technical support to sales.

Anton Viljanen

HVAC Specialist

Anton is a qualified HVAC engineer and HVAC technician. At Calefa he designs HVAC systems and works as technical support for sales. His previous experience is in the field of design and supervision.


Mikko Rantanen

Project Manager

Mikko is in charge of project management at Calefa. With a B.Sc. degree in environmental technology, he has a versitile background within energy sector both in customer service and technical support.

Joonas Palmi

Project Manager

Joonas has vast experience in large industrial projects and in energy savings projects both as a supervisor and as a ventilation installer. He finds that the most important aspect of his work is strict quality control and fast reaction to customer needs. The most rewarding part is interesting work days with diverse projects all over Finland.


Erkki Bürkland

Procurement and Logistics Manager

Erkki is responsible for purchases and logistics. He is a B.Sc. in the field of industrial engineering. Erkki has worked for several years with similar responsibilities in an international evironment. He has also worked within technical wholesale as a development engineer.

Mika Luoma

Energy Specialist

Mika is responsible for Calefa aftersales support. He makes sure that the machines and systems work optimally also after the warranty is over. Mika has a long experience from the energy sector, working in aftersales support for heat pump manufacturers. Mika is a B.Sc. in energy technology; his major was marine and power plant technology.


Janne Mantere

Automation Specialist

Janne is responsible for customer automation implementations and automation development. He supports our customers in automation issues. Janne has 15 years of experience in the field of automation and during this time he has become familiar with many different automation systems. His core competence is channel technique and integration.

Petri Kivinen

Automation Specialist

Petri is responsible for automation design and documentation at Calefa. His earlier experience includes various tasks in the area of custom-tailored industrial chillers, heat pumps and ventilation units. Petri has B.Sc. degrees in telecommunication and automation technology.


Lauri Kokko

Specialist, Ph.D.

Lauri is a specialist in process technics and heat transfer. He has a Ph.D. degree in power plant technology and a M.Sc. degree in chemistry from Tampere University of Technology. Before his position at Calefa Lauri has worked among others at the global industrial technology supplier company Valmet.