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transforms energy production to non-combustion technology

Outdoor air - Waterways - Geothermal heat - Solar energy - Industrial waste heat

Calefa AmbiHeat® heat pump plant produces energy of local completely clean energy sources for the district heating network and for industrial needs, without CO2 emissions.

Thanks to heat pump technology, the AmbiHeat® heating plant can also produce cooling in addition to heat production. Cooling can be used as district cooling or for chilling processes.

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Calefa has delivered
around 150 waste heat
reuse systems since 2013

Our customers have:

Saved money

21 446 450 €

Saved energy 

419 550 MWh

Reduced emissions

92 944 000 kg CO2



We will improve your profitability while cutting your co2 emissions


Recycle waste heat and
streamline production with
ready complete solutions!


Waste heat is worth money. Industry has an enormous potential
to utilize waste heat that is lost in its processes by heating buildings
or selling the energy onwards.

The re-use of waste heat improves not only the profitability of
the company but also the world.
When new energy does not have
to be produced by incineration, no CO2 is emitted either. Utilizing waste
heat is environmentally friendly. At the same time, there is a substantial
financial saving – without having to sacrifice production efficiency.
The implementation of environmental values has never been more rewarding.

Calefa implements comprehensive solutions which re-use
the waste heat generated by your processes.




In utilizing waste heat, we implement solely comprehensive solutions,
from the initial mapping to savings calculations, plans, completed solutions and aftercare.

Calefa’s model is a secure option for the customer:
There are no grey areas with regards to liability issues.




In an industrial context, the utilization of waste heat must be tailor-made to suit each unique situation. Waste heat sources and re-use opportunities vary greatly. Calefa is the European market leader in utilizing industrial waste heat. We manage the most effective solutions.

Initially, we map out the potential for waste heat recovery on the site. We investigate where waste heat is being generated and how it can be utilized. We calculate the profitability of the solution: the amount of energy savings and the repayment time.

We recommend the implementation only if the solution is profitable on the basis of our calculations. In practice, this means that the repayment period of the solution will be 1-3 years, and the resulting energy savings will be at least 30% annually.





Calefa provides customised turnkey solutions for waste heat utilisation. We take care of identifying potential opportunities for waste heat utilisation, financial projections, system and equipment engineering, project management, procurement, installation, commissioning, training and after sales. We support our customer right from the beginning of a new project throughout its entire life cycle.

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Caleri® Energy cycle

Caleri® Energy Cycle is a solution, where the energy of waste heat is captured, refined and then returned back to the process or otherwise utilised. As the result, similar production volumes can be reached with less external energy and thus more cost efficiently.

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